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The Book of the Names of the Dead
Please enter one at a time the name(s) of your loved ones who have died since December 1, 2021 in the form below. Please enter just the names, no other words or prayers. The names will then be entered by hand in the physical book. If you have inscribed a name (or names) in the past, it is not necessary to add them again. We will remember in prayer all the souls listed in this book throughout the month of November.

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Whether we live or die, we are the Lord's.
Michele Izzo Ernesto Spadafora
Mary Olinyk Viola Di Giacomo
Bing St Onge Vittorio Nesta
Sophia Hondropodi George Akel
Giuseppe Iadisernia Claire Wilkinson
Joseph Morielli Jay Rommel Mallari
Salvador Mallari Ahtoo Lampotang
Odette Lai Choo Kan Helene Thut-Dreyer
Dorothy Burley Sylvio Ah Soo Leen
Jacques Laroche Jackie Moore
Thérèse Lan Fan Eugenia Abate Sanzari
Dorotea Di Gioacchino Ron
Sherwin Rego
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