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Help your children renew their baptismal commitment during Lent with these ideas for fasting, giving and praying. Lent is a time to practice new ways of giving up things and doing good to become closer to God.

Giving up something, making sacrifices to become closer to God. Fasting makes room for God and reminds us of Jesus’ and the suffering all around the world today.

Be one with the poor, sleep on the floor in solidarity with the homeless for one night.
Drink only water one day in solidarity with those who lack clean drinking water.
Help the environment; have warm showers instead of hot, give up unnecessary lights.
Give up your favorite food.
For young children, have a special Lent box, put a favorite toy in a box labelled
Put the box on a shelf and take down at Easter.
Meat free Fridays, Jesus died for us on a Friday, abstain from meat on Fridays as a sacrifice to Him.

In small acts of giving we try to be more like Jesus.

Perform a random act of kindness every day.
Share family stories
Give to a charity
Be present to each other: no phone or TV for one night each week

Prayer helps us to hear and understand God more fully.

Practice a few minutes of silence to listen to God each day Pray the Rosary as a family
Say Grace before family meals
Don’t forget your bedtime prayers
Read a passage from the Bible

**Ideas taken from Peanut Butter and Grace**

Lenten Craft: Crown of Thorns

Directions: Place a grapevine wreath or craft a wreath shape out of playdough or pizza dough. Fill the wreath with toothpicks. Each time someone in your family does a good deed or makes a sacrifice they get to pull out a toothpick and put it in the middle. Hopefully, the toothpicks are gone by Easter.
Hint: On Easter Sunday, fill your wreath with eggs.

Recipe Section

Meat free Friday: Macaroni and cheese, quiche, pizza, beans and rice


We are experiencing changes in all areas of our daily lives due to this pandemic. Here at St. Thomas à Becket, we will continue to follow a FAMILY-BASED approach integrating our four main components, but it will look and be implemented in a different way. The safety and well-being of everyone concerned is our priority.

The 4 main components are:

  • Mass: Live-streamed mass at St. Thomas a Becket can be watched at 11:00 am on Sunday through the parish website. Please stay connected with mass at your parish. It is a source of strength and comfort during this time.
  • Children’s Gatherings: We are so excited to launch our new virtual platform on SeeSaw to our Faith First families. This replaces the gathering component of our program. Units will be sent via email by grade level approximately once a month for this year. Our hope is that adults accompany the child as part of their faith development on this journey. Each unit contains video clips, songs, activities and craft suggestions to enhance learning.
    **Please note: each Faith First child needs their own code to access the units.**

  • Work Book: Each child should have received a book or duo-tang as usual at the end of September according to their level.
  • Parent/Family component: Updated resources on this page and others sent via email. Please be sure to add us to your contact list.

Please refer to the Program Info page for more info.

Faith First Coordinator
514-626-4111 ext. 224

Contact: Fr. Peter Sabbath

Karen Dawson
Faith First Assistant

Weekly reflections are meant to help children participate in the mass as well as begin the practice of including Jesus in their everyday lives. Stay tuned for some creative ideas!


*As per our Catholic obligation, we are asked to attend mass every week. In order to complete this component of the program we ask families to attend at least twice a month.