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Becket Knitpickers

Who Are the Knitpickers?

There are some who can pick out a handful of Knitpickers in our Parish but for the most part, we are a behind-the-scenes type of group, meeting once a month and sending out our crocheted and knitted works of art to those in need. We have finally posted a recent photo (taken at our Christmas reunion) to show you that one of us may be seated next to you in church! This past year, the Knitpickers created hundreds upon hundreds of items for several recipients. The Glen super hospital, the Montreal Neurological Hospital, Cedar CanSupport at the Glen, the West Island Mission, the West Island Women's Shelter, Meals on Wheels shut-ins, the Angels of Mercy and individual requests received in our parish.

Our latest project is one which supports individuals with dementia. We have followed the example started in the UK making Memory Mitts or Twiddle Mitts - they are known by many different names. They are created to provide the individual with something to keep their hands busy and warm at the same time. Nurses attest to the fact that they offer tangible comfort to their patients. Thanks to Mr. Alfred Kolodnicki (seen on left) who agreed to be our Poster Child!

In order to keep up with ongoing demand, the Knitpickers rely upon the generosity of parishioners, friends and others who donate washable yarn (and sometimes this is inherited from moms and grandmothers and aunts!). We also very much appreciate monetary donations, which allow us to select the appropriate yarn for a specific project. In June of 2017, we are celebrating our 5th year of existence and hope to continue for many more years.

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